CMS-Wave Model Control

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The Model Control… command in the CMS-Wave Menu opens the CMS-Wave Model Control Dialog. This dialog is divided into sections for different types of parameters which are used by the model as it runs. These include:

Grid Definition

The grid definition section of the model control reports defining characteristics of the grid including:

  • X, Y origin
  • Angle of rotation
  • Cell size
  • Number of rows and columns


The settings section is used to specify model input options including:

  • Allow wetting and drying
  • Forward reflection
  • Backward reflection
  • Bed friction
  • Diffraction intensity
  • Currents

Wave Source

The wave source options include:

  • Spectra - wave state is specified as a wave spectrum on the boundary and the model propagates the spectra over the domain
  • Wind - waves are generated from wind energy only
  • Spectra and wind - a combination of the spectra and wind types are used
  • Simplified formulation - boundaries are specified in the same manner as "Spectra and wind", but the model uses a simplified formulation internally. This can be used for faster run times, however the results will be less accurate.


The output section is used to specify optional output from the model including:

  • Radiation stresses
  • Breaking

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