CMS usage with SMS 13.1

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Aquaveo will soon be releasing SMS 13.1. We have tested CMS with the beta version and it works well; however, there are a few changes on the SMS side that CMS users will have to adapt to.

Sign of Bathymetry

SMS has always had issues in resolving the sign of bathymetry for various models. Some use a positive value as water gets deeper (such as CMS) and other models have a positive value the farther above the mean water level.

In SMS 13.0 and prior, the resolution to this issue was to treat Z values differently based on the specific model. Unfortunately, there were other graphical issues that were problematic (such as when trying to draw plots based on bathymetry).

From SMS 13.1 and into the future, all bathymetry inside of SMS will be handled with a positive-UP reference. It will take a little time for the user to get used to this fact. When the user exports their files out before a run, SMS will change the sign as it writes to the file ensuring that CMS runs correctly.


After solutions are read back into SMS, the sign is not modified.