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SBAS Arc 10 Toolbar Installation Instructions


  • ArcGIS 10.1 - 10.4
  • Python comtypes package (tested with 0.6.2 - included with this tool)
Author: Thomas Heller,
License: MIT License
The package must be installed into the local python instance.
Install does not require admin rights.
Can be installed by running comtypes-0.6.2\install_comtypes.bat
  •, slightly modified code snippets file for accessing ArcObjects via Python. (Included)
Author: Mark Cederholm
License: No specific license.
( indicates "Free stuff for GIS Developers and Users!")


  1. Download SBAS Toolbox
  2. Extract ZIP distribution
  3. Move SBAS directory to one's desired location
  4. Run SBAS\comtypes-0.6.2\install_comtypes.bat
  5. Run SBAS\install_dependencies.bat
  6. Within the Catalog, add a Folder Connection to the SBAS directory
  7. Within the Folder Connection to the SBAS toolbox, expand the toolbox and execute the "00 - Set Up SBAS Environment" tool.


  • If you would like to specify a workspace path and/or load a basemap, run the "00 - Set Up Environment" tool before running any other tools on your map document.
  • For the remainder of the workflow, tools should be executed essentially in order. For example, one must execute "01a - Create SBAS Alternative" before executing "01b - Load SBAS Alternative", which must be run before executing "02a - Convert Graphics to New Features".

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