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The SMS interface has undergone many changes since the CMS model has been supported. During those transitions from SMS 9 to SMS 13.x, some card names have changed or have completely been removed from the interface. This means that the cards found in older files may not be recognized by the newer interface.

Another possibility exists where some CMS routines or parameters have not been added to the interface - either intentionally because they are truly for ADVANCED use only or they are very new and just haven't been added yet. These cards still need to be read by CMS and so we have provided ways to get these cards imported to the CMS simulation.

  • SMS 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, and 13.1 each have the capability to read in and save Advanced cards from one simulation to another.
    • Note: This capability disappeared in 12.x and was still missing in 13.0. It was added back to 13.1 but in a different location.
  • If using 12.x or 13.0, the user can manually add the needed cards into a separate text file that should be named 'advanced.cmcards' and placed in the same directory with all the other simulation files that have been exported. If cards are added to the standard <project>.cmcards file, they will be lost the next time the simulation files are exported requiring the user to remember to add them again.