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Equilibrium Total load Transport model

The single-sized sediment transport model described in Sánchez and Wu (2011a) was extended to multiple-sized sediments within CMS by Sánchez and Wu (2011b). In this model, the sediment transport is separated into current- and wave-related transports. The transport due to currents includes the stirring effect of waves, and the wave-related transport includes the transport due to asymmetric oscillatory wave motion as well as steady contributions by Stokes drift, surface roller, and undertow. The current-related bed and suspended transports are combined into a single total-load transport equation, thus reducing the computational costs and simplifying the bed change computation. The 2DH transport equation for the current-related total load is

Equation 2-50 ??????

Sediment Mass Balance Equation

The transport equation for the suspended load is given by


(1 - p'_m) \frac{\partial \zeta}{\partial t} = \frac{\partial q_{t*j}}{\partial x_j} + \frac{\partial }{\partial x_j} \biggl[ D_s |q_{t*}| \frac{\partial \zeta}{\partial x_j} \biggr]


where  p'_m is the sediment porosity, and  D_s is a bedslope coefficient.

Boundary Conditions

Numerical Methods


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