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Incipient Motion

In the case of the Lund-CIRP (Camenen and Larson 2005, 2007, 2008) and Watanabe (1987) formulas, the incipient motion is based on the critical Shields parameter and estimated using the formula proposed by Soulsby (1997):

\Theta_{cr} = \frac{0.3}{1 + 1.2d_*} + 0.055 \left[1 - exp(-0.02d_*)   \right]

in which the dimensionless grain size (d*) is defined

d_* = d \left[\frac{(s-1)g}{v^2}   \right]^{1/3}

The critical shear stress for incipient motion is given by

  \frac{\tau_{cr}}{g(\rho_s - \rho)d} = \Theta_{cr} (3)

The critical depth-averaged velocity for currents alone (Ucrc) is calculated using the formula proposed by van Rijn (1984 c):

  U_{crc} =
&0.19 \ d_{50}^{0.1}log_{10}\left(\frac{4h}{d_{90}}  \right), \quad\quad for \ 0.1 \leq d_{50} \leq 0.5 \ mm \\
&8.5 \ d_{50}^{0.6}log_{10}\left(\frac{4h}{d_{90}}   \right), \quad\quad for \ 0.5 \leq d_{50} \leq 2.0 \ mm

where d50 and d90 are the sediment grain size in meters of 50th and 90th percentiles, respectively. The above criteria are used in the van Rijn (2007 a,b) and Soulsby-van Rijn (Soulsby 1997) transport formulas.

The critical bottom orbital velocity magnitude for waves alone is calculated using the formulation of Komar and Miller (1975):

  U_{crw} = 
0.24 [(s-1)g]^{0.66} (d_{50})^{0.33} T_p^{0.33} , & \text{for } 0.1 \le d_{50} \le 0.5 \ mm \\ 
0.95 [(s-1)g]^{0.57} (d_{50})^{0.43} T_p^{0.14}, &  \text{for } 0.5 \le d_{50} \le 2.0 \ mm

where Tp is the peak wave period.


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