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Sediment Fall Velocity

The sediment fall velocity may be user-specified or is calculated using the formula by Soulsby (1997):

  \omega_s = \frac{v}{d}\left [(10.36^2 + 1.049d_* ^3)^{1/2} - 10.36 \right] (1)


v = kinematic viscosity [m2/s]
d = grain size [m]
d* = dimensionless grain size [-].

The dimensionless grain size is given by

  d_* = d \left [\frac{(s-1)g}{v^2}\right]^{1/3} (2)


s = sediment specific gravity or relative density [-]

g = gravitational constant (9.81 m/s2).


  • Soulsby, R. L. 1997. Dynamics of marine sands. London, England: Thomas Telford Publications.