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Figure 1. CMS-Flow Model Control : Model Parameters tab in SMS 11.0.

All of the CMS-Flow model parameters, settings, and output options are controlled from the CMS-Flow Model Control window (Figure 1). The window has several tabs including the Flow tab in which most of the general settings are set for CMS-Flow. To open the CMS-Flow Model Control window, click on CMS-Flow | Model Control. The first tab will be the Flow tab. There are several sections within the tab including Time Control and Hot Start options.

General Parameters

The general parameters are the water density and temperature. The CMS-Flow cards for the general parameters are described in the table below.

Table 1. CMS-Flow cards related to the general parameters

Card Arguments Default Description
WATER_DENSITY REAL 1025 Water density in kg/m^3.
WATER_TEMPERATURE REAL 15 Water temperature in degrees Celcius.

Time Control

Below are some of the CMS cards related to the Time Control of the Flow tab. Table 1 provides a brief description of the CMS cards used for time control.

Card Arguments Default Range Description
STARTING_JDATE REAL none none Julian data in YYDDD with YY being last two digits of the year, and DDD the Julian day of the year.
STARTING_JDATE_HOUR REAL none none Julian hour .
HYDRO_TIME_STEP REAL Calculated based on solution scheme and courant number none Sets to the time step for hydrodynamics in seconds.
DURATION_RUN REAL 48.0 >RAMP>0 Sets the duration of the model simulation in hours.
DURATION_RAMP REAL 1.0 Sets the length of the ramp period in which the model forcing is slowly ramped from zero.

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