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The following menu commands are available in the CMS-Wave Menu:

Command Functionality
Spectral Energy Opens the spectral energy dialog to define/view wave energy spectra. Generally, CMS-Wave will generate wave conditions internally, but a spectrum may be input. This command also allows the user to visualize wave spectra that are generated inside of the model.
Assign Cell Attributes Opens the CMS-Wave Cell Attributes Dialog, allowing the user to specify the cell type.
GENESIS Observation Stations Opens the CMS-Wave Genesis Observation Stations Dialog.
Nest Grid Opens the CMS-Wave Nesting Options Dialog, allowing the user to specify nesting options.
Merge Cells Merge multiple rows or columns into a single row or column.
Model Check… Check for common problems.
Model Control… Opens the CMS-Wave Model Control dialog to specify model parameters.
Run CMS-Wave Launches the CMS-Wave model using the currently loaded simulation. As the model runs, a dialog monitors progress of the model and gives the user status messages. When the run is complete, the spatial solutions are read in for analysis and visualization.