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  1. Extract the OpenMP DLL file from the zip, if needed. Note: you must have the correct platform DLL file in the same directory.
  2. Download the appropriate 'exe' file.
  3. If running the CMS from the SMS, change the location and name of the CMS-Flow executable by clicking on "Edit" | "Preferences...", and then selecting the "File Locations" tab and then clicking on the box under the "Executables" column next to "CMS-Flow" box in the "Models" column. Enter the location and name of the executable and select "Open".
  • Note: For security reasons, the CMS executables or available for downloaded in a zip file.

Terms and Conditions

Latest Version of CMS Releases

CMS 5.2.2 Initial Release (09/04/20) - Merged Implict/Explicit CMS version

Executables - Note: Now includes DLL in zip file.

  • Released with SMS 13.1. Should work with SMS 13.0+.
  • 64 bit: (Only 64-bit available. If 32-bit needed, please contact us.)
Modifications since initial release of 5.2

Update 5.2.2 (09/04/2020)

  • Fix: Bug fix for divide by zero.
  • Fix: Correct behavior when checking isolated water cells. Output to screen instead of 'isolated.txt'.

CMS 5.1 Update 15 (05/21/20) - Merged Implict/Explicit CMS version

Executables - Note: Now includes DLL in zip file.

  • Released with SMS 13.0. Should work with SMS 12.2+.
  • 64 bit: (Only 64-bit available. If 32-bit needed, please contact us.)

Modifications since initial release of 5.1

Update 5.1.15 (05/21/2020)

  • Change: Corrected screen output spelling in a few cases.
  • Change: Improved logic for reading input from keyboard while running from Command Prompt.
  • New: Implemented CSHORE option for Cross-shore transport
  • Comment: Last major change in this version before moving to 5.2 for release of SMS 13.1.

Update 5.1.14 (04/20/2020)

  • Bug fix: Avoid accessing unallocated array in some situations (boundaries.F90)
  • Change: Increased number of reflection cells allowed and consolidated this value between inline and stand-alone.
  • Change: Improved handling of Isolated ocean cells - output all values to a text file instead of showing only the first, then STOP.

Update 5.1.13 (01/07/2020)

  • Bug fix: CMCARDS was only able to read a maximum of 1000 lines. Anything else was ignored.
  • Change: Improved printing of information regarding Statistics process types.
  • New: Added the ability to put advanced cards into 'advanced.cmcards' for processing in desired.

Update 5.1.12 (10/25/2019)

  • Bug fix: Corrected display of Rubble Mound Structure cells in diagnostic output
  • Bug fix: Removed extra output file of Hard Bottom warning cells
  • Change: Increased the limit to the maximum number of save points from 255 to 1000. Added error messages.

Update 5.1.11 (09/10/2019)

  • Change: Moved all repository folders up one level, removing "Trunk" folder which was not needed.
  • Change: If any Unknown Cards are read from the parameter file, CMS gives the user a chance to stop and fix.
  • Change: Added __linux definition to CMake options.
  • Change: Output message when Boundary Cellstring is defined, but lacks cells (SMS issue)
  • Bug fix: Corrected infinite loop experienced in Linux during interpretation of command line arguments.
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue with d16/d50/d84 percentile allocatable array
  • Buf fix: Fixed issue with missing Hard Bottom Dataset
  • New Feature: Dredge Module is now available using ASCII input/output.

Update 5.1.10 (8/29/2019)

  • Change: Cleaned up the initial status section for screen and diagnostic file output.
  • Change: Added years to reoccurring report of elapsed time. CMS only outputs the time fields as needed.
  • Change: Updated instructions for CMake linux utility regarding include file changes.

Update 5.1.9 (08/27/2019)

  • Bug fix: Heatflux Windows vs Linux options and output.
  • Bug fix: Corrected issue with `atan2` operation in inline/standalone wave code.
  • Bug fix: Issue with reading in OWI formatted .win and .pre files.
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue with reading blank percentile datasets from SMS when using multiple grain sizes.
  • Change: Removed the requirement for the .xy file to be used with OWI wind format - still allowed if present.
  • Change: Modifications needed for Dredge Module and interface.
  • Change: Removed compile-time option for the Dredge Module.
  • Change: Eliminated need to change compile-time options depending on Linux or Windows machines.
  • Info: A few other minor modifications.

Update 5.1.8 (05/01/2019)

  • Bug fix: Needed to check that a boundary array was already allocated before an allocation in rare cases.
  • Bug fix: Implemented a fix for a rare 'divide by zero' error.
  • Bug fix: Hot Start divide by zero error corrected.
  • Bug fix: Issue with simplified multiple sediment transport definition thinking bed layer was already defined.
  • New feature: Implemented variable Morphology Acceleration Factor using a user-defined duration, MORPH_ACCEL_RAMP_DURATION.
  • New feature: Implemented a card, WRITE_ACCEL_RAMP_INFO, to write out the timing of the variable acceleration factor.
  • New feature: Implemented a command line argument, INLINE, to run the inline wave model instead of stand-alone.
  • New feature: Print header information for Dredge Module to normal location in CMS_DIAG.TXT file.
  • Info: Minor changes to screen and diag file output, eliminating duplicate information.
  • Info: Minor changes when outputting time information to include number of days.
  • Info: Implemented the function equivalents, toUpper and toLower, to the subroutines for converting case.

Update 5.1.7 (02/25/2019)

  • Bug fix: Read the friction file properly if using ASCII Input.
  • Change: Write the Wave Date out in a better format for screen text.
  • Bug fix: Resolved a file naming issue when full paths are specified on command line.
  • Change: Linux CMake now compiles with OpenMP for parallelization.

Update 5.1.6 (02/13/2019)

  • Update: Implemented input file changes for Weir and Rubble Mound Jetty structures to match the SMS 13.0+ menu interface design.
  • Bug fix: Resolved a few minor issues related to Explicit scheme with parallelization.
  • Bug fix: Resolved an issue with hot starting with waves not synchronizing to the right wave condition.
  • New feature: EXPLICIT_PRINT_INTERVAL allows user specified interval of time step output.
  • Change: Added an additional line of output text to two locations when Morphologic Acceleration Factor used.

Update 5.1.5 (10/30/2018)

  • New feature: Added Stand-alone wave code that is run when only wave input is specified. This version is basically identical to last stand-alone code.
    • Info: Diagnostic information about stand-alone wave parameters are written to screen and diagnostic file.

Update 5.1.4 (10/17/2018)

  • Info: Minor version and date changed. No code changes at all.

Update 5.1.3 (10/16/2018)

  • New feature: Updated Hot Start routines to work with ASCII input and output. Needs further testing.
    • Info: All ASCII Hot Start files are written to the subfolder "ASCII_HotStart"
  • Info: Some work still needs to be done to fully integrate some seldom-used datasets.

Update 5.1.2 (10/15/2018) [incorporating some developmental features from a non-versioned branch]

  • New feature: Added card (WRITE_ASCII_INPUT_FILES ON|OFF) to tell CMS to write out ASCII versions of all input
    • Info: All ASCII input files are written to the subfolder "ASCII_Input"
  • New feature: Added card (OUTPUT_FILE_TYPE XMDF|ASCII) to tell CMS to write only ASCII solutions
    • Info: All ASCII output/solutions are written to the subfolder "ASCII_Solutions"
    • Info: All ASCII Statistics files are written to the subfolder "Statistics"
  • Change: Updated internal wave code to latest version, 30 March 2018

Update 5.1.1 (10/15/2018)

  • Change: Added in CMS-Wave stand-alone (Mar 2018) for use when only waves are desired

CMS 5.0 Release 4 (04/24/17) - Merged Implict/Explicit CMS version

Executables - Note: Download both the executable and DLL

  • 32 bit:
  • 64 bit:
  • Released with SMS 12.1. Should work with SMS 11.2-12.2.

CMS 4.1 Release 51 (04/22/15) - Implicit Only Flow model with Waves

Executables - Note: Download both the executable and DLL

  • 32 bit:
  • 64 bit:

CMS 3.75 Release 7 - Explicit-Only Flow model w/o Waves

Executables - Note: Download both the executable and DLL

  • 32 bit:
  • 64 bit:

Older CMS Releases

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