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The surface roller model is run after each CMS-Wave and before each CMS-Flow run. It runs on the wave grid but is a separate model and module within the CMS. The surface roller model parameters are set within the CMS-Flow cmcmards for convenience. For more information on the surface roller model see the Surface Roller Technical Documentation.

Table 1. CMS-Flow cards related to the surface roller

Card Arguments Range Default Description
CALC_ROLLER CHARACTER ON | OFF OFF Turns on or off the surface roller model in CMS.
ROLLER_DISSIPATION_COEFFICIENT REA 0.1 0.05-0.15 Roller dissipation coefficient.
ROLLER_EFFICIENCY_COEFFICIENT REAL 1.0 0.5-1.0 Roller efficiency coefficient.
ROLLER_SCHEME CHARACTER UPWIND1 |UPWIND2 | LAX UPWIND1 Determines the numerical scheme used for the surface roller calculation. UPWIND1 is a first order upwind scheme, UPWIND2 is a second order upwind scheme, and LAX is the second order Lax scheme.

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