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Can I import CMS results in Matlab

Yes. It is possible to load binary XMDF files in Matlab. In order to make it easier for users, we have provided a Matlab script which can read a CMS solution file and write the dataset values and times to a structure variable.

Why can I not change the minutes in the starting time in the CMS-Flow?

In SMS 10.1 the starting time in CMS-flow must start at hourly intervals and changing the minutes field is not allowed.

Why can I not run the implicit CMS in SMS?

The official release of CMS v3.75 only supports an explicit solution scheme. The new inline version of CMS v4.0 will support an implicit scheme and is being released as a beta version in May 2010. The inline CMS includes both CMS-Wave and CMS-Flow and performs the steering process internally without the interface. The advantages of the inline code are

  1. Efficiency gain by not having to initialize (file read, variable allocation, and calculation) CMS-Flow and CMS-Wave each steering run.
  2. Efficiency gain by saving interpolation coefficients between CMS-Flow and CMS-Wave in memory during steering run.
  3. Efficiency gain by not having
  4. No need for SMS so CMS can run on other platforms such as Linux.
  5. Option to pause runs.

SMS 10.1 does not currently support the inline model, so it has to be run either using advanced cards or from the command prompt. For more information see ().

How can I reduce the required memory to run larger applications

If you are using the implicit solver, try using GAUSS-SEIDEL AND GAUSS-SEIDEL-SOR solvers. These use less CPU memory and will allow you to run larger applications.