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  1. Download the desired GenCade 'zip' file.
  2. Extract the executable into the desired location from the downloaded 'zip' file.
  3. If running the GenCade from the SMS, change the location and name of the GenCade executable by clicking on "Edit" | "Preferences...", and then selecting the "File Locations" tab and then clicking on the box under the "Executables" column next to "GenCade" box in the "Models" column. Enter the location and name of the executable and select "Open".
  • Note: For security reasons, the GenCade executables are available for downloaded in a zip file.

Version 1.1 Revision 8 (May 2020)

If you encounter issues with the first executable above, try the debug version.

Release Notes

Update 1.1r8 (05/15/2020)

  • Bug fix - array out of bounds
  • Bug fix - read configuration error
  • Change - modified smoothing treatment for longshore sediment transport
  • Change - allow Attachment Bar longer than one cell

Version 1.1 Revision 7 (December 2018)

Version 1.0 Revision 4 (June 2013)

Version 1.0 Revision 1 (March 2012)

GenCade Binning Tool

Version 1.0 (April 2013)