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Is GenCade available in SMS 10.1 or SMS 11.0?

No. GenCade is only available in SMS 11.1 Beta. SMS 11.1 Beta was released in October 2012.

How can I start using GenCade?

First, go to Aquaveo's website. Click on the Free Trial Download. Under Beta Release, download the 32-bit or 64-bit software. It is necessary to request an evaluation (temporary) license from Aquaveo to start using GenCade in the SMS.

Has GenCade been officially released?

Yes! GenCade V1 was released in April 2012. When SMS 11.1 Beta is downloaded, the GenCade executable will be included under models. This is the most recent version of the executable.

What documentation is available for GenCade?

The GenCade Version 1 Model Theory and User's Guide was completed in June 2012. It is presently in the publication process. The report includes model theory, standardized benchmark cases, validation cases, and a user's guide.

The presentations, files, supplemental material, and audio/video files are available for download on the CIRP Website.. Please note that the audio/video files are extremely large, but they provide detailed examples and instruction.

Several GenCade applications are detailed in technical reports and technical notes.

As always, the CIRPwiki is a great place to find information on GenCade. It is updated based on new advances with the model.

Now that GenCade has been released, are you working on any improvements?

Yes. We are presently working on GenCade V2. This version of the model will include variable parameters (berm height, depth of closure, K1, K2, etc.), new output files, and possibly cross-shore transport. We expect V2 will be available in Summer 2013.

We would also like your feedback. Please let us know if you have any ideas for model or interface improvements. The interface will be updated to include the new features in V2. We have a few ideas to improve the interface, but these most likely will not occur until after V2 is released.

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