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Use default values except as specified below.

Debug|Win32, Debug|x64, Release|Win32, and Release|x64 must each be set separately.

Fortran Optimization Optimization Debug Disable
Release Maximize Speed (default)
Debugging Debug Information Format Debug Full
Release None (default)
Preprocessor Preprocess Source File Both Yes
Language Process OpenMP Directives Both Generate Parallel Code
Diagnostics OpenMP Diagnostic Level Both Loops, Regions and Sections
Check Routine Interfaces Debug Yes
Release No (default)
Run-time Generate Traceback Information Both Yes
Check Array and String Bounds Both Yes
Check Uninitialized Variables Both Yes
Libraries Runtime Library Debug Debug Multithreaded
Release Multithreaded (default)
Linker General Enable Incremental Linking Both No
Suppress Startup Banner Both Yes
Input Additional Dependencies Debug (win32) xmdf1.9d.lib
Debug (x64) xmdf1.9dx64.lib
Release (win32) xmdf1.9.lib
Release (x64) xmdf1.9x64.lib
Ignore Specific Library Debug LIBCMT
Release <empty>
Debugging Generate Debug Info Both Yes
System SubSystem Both Console
Stack Reserve Size Both 46214400