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CIRP January 2013 eNewsletter

Issue 31, January 2013

In this Newsletter:

Numerical Modeling Study: Merrimack Estuary and Plum Island, MA


CIRP is conducting a nearshore modeling study at the Merrimack Estuary and Plum Island, MA. The study was motivated by reduced navigability of the inlet and downdrift erosion of Plum Island. The Coastal Modeling System (CMS) is applied to simulate waves, currents, and sediment transport for combined hydrodynamics and wave action for nineteen structural and non-structural alternatives. In October, Woods Hole Group deployed several instruments to be retrieved a month later which would be used for validation of CMS results in the Merrimack system. Unfortunately, the project area was affected by Hurricane Sandy which has caused a delay in retrieving the gauges and getting the data to ERDC. At this time, all gauges except one have been recovered. When complete, the final results will be presented to the local sponsors by public meeting and will also be documented in a written report to NAE.

POC: (ERDC) Mitchell Brown, POC: (ERDC) Honghai Li, POC: (ERDC) Ashley Frey, District Study Sponsors: Mark Habel (NAE), John Winkelman (NAE), David Yang (NAN), Frank Buonaiuto (NAN)

FY13 Webinar #1: GenCade, 16-18 October 2012

The Coastal Inlets Research Program held a three day instructional webinar on GenCade, a shoreline change and sand transport model, from 16-18 October. Fifteen attendees participated in each two hour session. The first day consisted of an introduction to the model, interface, and recent applications. Demonstrations of applications at Matagorda Bay, TX, Onslow Bay, NC, and Long Island, NY, were presented during the last two days. A new wave conversion tool was also presented and demonstrated. Presentations, material, and audio/video files are available on the CIRP website (

POC: Ashley Frey,

FY13 Webinar #2: Nearshore Placement, 29 November 2012

The CIRP and RSM Programs hosted the first webinar in a series that are specific to nearshore placement and are intended to compliment the RSM bi-monthly meetings. The goals of these meetings are to bring awareness to the topic, connect the tools and information from R&D to the field, and provide a venue for general discussion. Nearshore Berms, an active and migratory version of a nearshore placement within the coastal environment, was the focus of the discussion. Several potential webinar topics were identified, including the efficacy and methodology of choosing a depth limit for nearshore berm placements. If you have a future topic on nearshore placements you would like to address in a webinar, please contact Tanya Beck.

POC: Tanya Beck,

Upcoming FY13 Webinar #3: Channel Portfolio Tool (CPT) and Coastal Structure Asset Management and Ranking Tool (CSMART)

On March 6th-7th, Dr. Mitchell will lead two separate webinars covering CPT and the Coastal Structures Management, Analysis, and Ranking Tool (CSMART:, respectively. The March webinars will begin at 1400 EST and will each run 90 minutes to provide time for background descriptions of each tool as well as demonstrations of capabilities and planned FY13 developments. CPT provides access to detailed Waterborne Commerce records for Corps navigation projects, and allows channels to be compared objectively in terms of tonnage totals, $-value of cargo, and drafts of transiting vessels. CSMART is (for now) focused specifically on coastal navigation structures such as jetties and breakwaters, and it provides a way to compare structures in terms of quantitative metrics such as commercial tonnage supported, commercial fish landings, and cruise and ferry passengers passing nearby. Both CPT and CSMART are CIRP-developed products that are increasingly being used by Corps navigation managers to support annual O&M budget formulations, to respond to data calls, and to help inform discussions with decision makers and project stakeholders.

POC: Ned Mitchell,

14th Annual CIRP Workshop CANCELED

The workshop planned for February 11-13 2013 at SAJ has been canceled because we haven't received approval. Stay tuned; we'll try to have a workshop in FY13 or several webinars if an in-person workshop is not possible.

POC: Julie Rosati,

Julie D. Rosati

Engineer Research & Development Center
3909 Halls Ferry Road, Coastal & Hydraulics Laboratory
Vicksburg, MS 39180


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