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CIRP October 2012 eNewsletter

Issue 30, October 2012

In this Newsletter:

Tillamook Inlet, OR


Tillamook Inlet is a structured, deep-draft navigation project of the USACE Portland District, located along the northern Oregon Coast. This two-jetty system serves the entrance channel of the Tillamook Navigation Project, which provides ocean access to the Port of Garibaldi. The CIRP is conducting a study to evaluate the present and past behavior of the ebb-tidal delta, or bar mouth, and how the waves and currents interact at the entrance channel. The primary morphologic end states of the ebb-tidal delta will be analyzed within the context of various physical forcing using the Coastal Modeling System (CMS) to determine the influence morphology has on the waves and currents at the bar mouth. A secondary objective is to evaluate how the present jetty configuration plays a role in the various bar mouth (ebb delta) morphologies that occur and transition over multi-year cycles.

POC: Tanya Beck, (601) 634-2603, (601) 634-2603
POC: Dr. Honghai Li, (601) 634-2840, (601) 634-2840
POC: Dr. Lihwa Lin, (601) 634-2704, (601) 634-2704

Nearshore Berm Webinars

The Regional Sediment Management and Coastal Inlets Research Programs will co-host a series of webinars on the topic of coastal nearshore placement. The two programs have collaborated on the research topic of nearshore berms over the last two years to develop improved documentation of projects and general guidance for this operational activity within a regional context. The Nearshore Placement Webinar will cover the recent advancements and techniques used by researchers at ERDC to address questions about nearshore placement. There are a number of approaches that are often employed for a particular environment, and this meeting is intended to demonstrate different technology developed at ERDC. Follow up webinars will be open to suggestions, but it is important that this venue serve as a discussion board across disciplines and business lines within the USACE Districts. The first Nearshore Placement Webinar is scheduled for the afternoon of November 6th, 2012. Details will be posted on the CIRP and RSM websites: or

POC: Tanya Beck, (601) 634-2603, (601) 634-2603
POC: Dr. Julie D. Rosati, (251) 694-3719, (251) 694-3719
POC: Linda Lillycrop, (202) 761-1837, (202) 761-1837

Lab Tests to Evaluate Innovative Sediment Management Technology


The CIRP, NAVSYS, and DOER programs have been evaluating new technologies to help manage sediments to reduce the cost of dredging. One of those new technologies being evaluated is the Sediment Collector. Sediment Collectors work by capturing sediment transport in a hopper, a sediment trap located at grade, then patented manifold technology allows the sediment to be pumped from the trap without drawing water into the hopper, reducing accidental entrainment of wildlife or debris while allowing sediment removal at the natural transport rate. The system is currently undergoing a field demonstration in Fountain Creek, a stream in Colorado. New lab tests are being conducted at CHL to help determine applicability of the system at coastal inlets as bypassing or backpassing systems, or to augment beach nourishments or other coastal structures. The lab tests will quantify system efficiency under waves and currents for beach sized sediments and will enable calibration of numerical models.

POC: Alex Sanchez,
POC: Rob Thomas,

Upcoming GenCade Webinar

The Coastal Inlets Research Program (CIRP) is preparing for an instructional webinar, "Regional Coastal Shoreline Evolution Model: GenCade," from 16-18 October 2012. This webinar is scheduled from 1-3 PM CDT each day, and the instructors are Ashley Frey and Rusty Permenter. The webinar will give an introduction and background to GenCade and will include demonstrations and examples. Presentations and files will be available on the CIRP website prior to the webinar. To sign up for the webinar, go to

POC: Ashley Frey, (601) 634-2006, (601) 634-2006
POC: Rusty Permenter, (601) 634-2089, (601) 634-2089

First Announcement: 14th Annual CIRP Technology Transfer Workshop

The CIRP will be offering our 14th Annual Technology Transfer Workshop* in February at the Jacksonville District office, immediately prior to (and in conjunction with) the Florida Shore and Beach Preservation Association (FSBPA) conference. Watch the CIRP website "Technology Transfer" tab for workshop topics, agendas, and registration information: If you would like to be included on a pre-workshop mailing list, please email Julie Rosati.

POC: Julie Rosati,

Provided we obtain approval to hold the workshop; paperwork is pending.

Julie D. Rosati

Engineer Research & Development Center
3909 Halls Ferry Road, Coastal & Hydraulics Laboratory
Vicksburg, MS 39180


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