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4 Summary

The Coastal Modeling System (CMS) User Manual serves as a reference guide to the applied theory, numerical methodology, and the application of the modeling system. The CMS is an integrated wave, current, sediment transport and morphology change model available in the Surface-water Modeling System (SMS). The first chapter on theoretical background summarizes the governing hydrodynamic and sediment transport theory and empirical equations. The Numerical Methods chapter describes the numerical solvers and schemes used in the implicit CMS-Flow. Chapter 4, the User Guide, gives step by step guidance on how to setup and run the CMS and how to analyze the modeling results as part of the calibration process.

The CMS was developed under the Coastal Inlets Research Program (CIRP), an Operations & Maintenance Navigation research program at the Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory, Engineer Research and Development Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Information presented herein was prepared for use in SMS 11.0 and higher, although many features may ex-ist in earlier versions of SMS. The latest guidance, documentations and downloads are available at: and from the CIRP wiki: