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Agenda (w/links to presentations)

Workshop Files

Workshop Feedback


CMS Workshop Feedback Chart

Attendees were asked to complete a feedback form with the following questions:

  1. The pre-workshop administration was appropriate and informative.
  2. The workshop was scheduled at a suitable time.
  3. The workshop facilities and location were appropriate and satisfactory.
  4. The workshop material was presented in a clear and organized manner.
  5. The presenters responded to questions an informative, appropriate and satisfactory manner.
  6. Handouts (if provided) were clear and useful.
  7. Overall, the session was informative and valuable.
  8. Would you recommend this workshop to a colleague?

Note: 1 is the highest and 5 is the lowest.


  1. Beginner Workshop should be immediately before SMS/CMS, for non corps personnel.
  2. More discussion of developers "tips and tricks" to get models to run well.
  3. More screen shots and less text.
  4. Technical notes would be useful.
  5. Slow down presentation during hands on so everyone is on the same page.
  6. Having a corps only hands on session without informing the others ahead of time was a inconvenience.
  7. More hands on work to allow to work on everyday projects so there could be help setting up.
  8. Less time on mechanics of using SMS and ore time talking about best practices to calibrate, run, check, etc..
  9. More time spent on the possible application and limitations of the model and boundary conditions for flow model.

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