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1. Shark River Inlet, NJ Workshop Tutorial

Hardbottom contours after modifying the channel entrance channel and local groin cells.
  1. Importing Bathymetric Datasets and Aerial Photographs
  2. CMS-Flow Setup
  3. CMS-Wave Setup
  4. Steering
  5. Viewing Results and Making Animations
  6. Alternative Grids and Other Functions
  7. Post Processing

2. Salinity Calculation at Humboldt Bay, CA

Salinity and current distributions during (a) the flood current and (b) the ebb current.
In this section, the salinity modeling is described to demonstrate the CMS capability at Humboldt Bay, CA. The tutorial covers
  1. CMS-Flow Setup
  2. Initial Condition
  3. Boundary Conditions

3. Calculating Volumetric Changes

Calculation of Shark River Inlet channel infilling over a one-year period showing exponentially-decreasing trend.

The analyses discussed herein present methods to analyze CMS output for volumetric change within a defined polygon such as a section of a navigation channel or a morphologic feature such as an ebb shoal. The step-by-step procedure is applied to CMS output from a study at Shark River Inlet, New Jersey (Beck and Kraus 2010).

Calculating volume change is necessary for determining rates of channel infilling, inlet shoal evolution, and on a more basic level understanding sand pathways and formulating sand budgets. In the CMS, volume change can be calculated for any polygon defined by feature arcs in the SMS. The following section presents a step-by-step method for calculating volumetric change using the Shark River Inlet simulation files.

4. Grays Harbor, WA Under Construction

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